One region, three castles

free association of šumava castles
near the town of Sušice

Rabí, Kašperk, and Velhartice castles have been cooperating since 2011 as part of Šumava’s Trio of Castles Project. The castles are a free association of castles that you will see as a geographical triangle with the town of Sušice, one of Šumava’s gateways.

The aim of this cooperation is to help visitors to discover Šumava and what these beautiful medieval sights and surrounding offer.

Every year, the three castles host the Šumava’s Trio of Castles Days in Spring and Autumn. Though these events over the weekends have a common theme, each castle runs them in a unique way.

The project is financially supported by the Plzeň region.

Royal Kašperk Castle

The castle was founded in 1356 by the Holy Roman emperor and king of Bohemia Charles IV to protect Southwestern Bohemia. Located only 3 km from popular tourist destination Kašperské Hory.

Trojhradí hrad Kašperk v mlze
Trojhradí Velhartice západ slunce


The castle was founded at the turn of the 13th and 14th century as ancestral home of the lords of Budětice.


Visit the largest castle ruin in Bohemia and enjoy the view points from which you can see the largest part of the Pošumaví region. 

Dny Šumavského trojhradí Rabí podzim 2020

Upcoming events

Every year we organize two events with extended thematic tours or programs called Šumava’s Trio of Castles Day.

These events take place in Spring and Autumn, outside the main tourist season.

We look forward to seeing you again in the spring of 2022 at our castles.

Past events

Dny Šumavského trojhradí Velhartice podzim 20121
Šumava's Trio of Castles Day autumn 2021

The theme: medieval fashion.

Trojhradí Rabí jaro 2021
Šumava's Trio of Castles Day spring 2021

The theme: siege and defense of castles.

Trojhradí Velhartice podzim 2020
Šumava's Trio of Castles Day autumn 2020

The theme: medieval food and dining.

Where to find the castles